Please do not attempt to stop the Outside Crew while grading or during any other road construction being performed.  This is to protect the safety of yourself and the workers.

The speed limit on the R.M. of Grayson roads is 80 km/hr unless otherwise posted. For the safety of 
yourself and other motorists please observe the speed limit.


Resolution 74/23 R: Ell: That the R.M of Grayson No. 184 assumes the cost of snowplowing designated Municipal roads for the 2023 Winter Season and further that the cost is to be budgeted in the 2023 budget and the following regulations to apply:    
                a. The Councillor for each Division is responsible for ordering the plow through the Administrator.
                b. School Bus Routes are first priority.
                c. Custom plowing of driveways may be completed while the grader is in the area for an annual fee of $500.00. Prior to custom work commencing, the annual fee must be paid in full and a Contract for Custom Work Form must be completed and submitted to the R.M. Office no later than October 1 of any given year. All other snow removal may be done after the roads are plowed and will be charged at the custom hourly rate set out in the Fee Schedule and applied from the time the grader/loader leaves the shop to the time it returns. All Custom Work invoices are to be paid within 30 days of completion.          

Please contact the Office should you require a Custom Work Order form.



             December 13, at 9:00 a.m

                  (subject to change)

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